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Morning Briefing Brent (60.79) and WTI (52.20) are almost stable. Both are likely to remain ranged in the 58-64 and 50-55 region for some more time. No major movement is expected this week. Recovery in global equities is positive for oil just now. Russia plans to cut its oil output by 50000-60000 bpd in January as part of the OPEC deal to cut by 220000 bpd.
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Last Updated Open High Low LTP
12-Dec-18 52.63 52.7 52.59 52.63
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JUN 2, 2016 AT 11:09 AM

After a long gap i am back to your site. Your charts /daily reviews all are good as usual. Is it possible to mention the "chart pattern" also while updating the chart. No need to put your valuable views as you are doing "service" also. Just chart pattern is enough.

Vikram Murarka
JUN 2, 2016 AT 11:21 AM

Thanks, Sujatha. Most of the time we are simply using trendlines to formulate a view, not looking at chart patterns per se. You are welcome to read our daily views on http://kshitij.com/morning-briefing

JUN 24, 2016 AT 4:13 PM

Thank you vikram for the reply. my request may create more work burden or some complicated issues who doesnt know to handle the charts. Realized. Anyway in OHLC column why you have mentioned LTP instead of closing price, both are different na?? feeling CLOSING price is better than LTP as you have mentioned closing price in indian indices. Your valuable reply pls. thanks in advance.

Vikram Murarka
JUN 24, 2016 AT 5:17 PM

Thanks, Sujata. You raise a very valid point. Here, we have to admit a short-coming on our part, with a request for you (and all others) to bear with us. The thing is, these charts are NOT LIVE. We update them once in the morning and once in the evening. So, we don't call it "Closing". Even "LTP" is incorrect, actually. We should be calling it "Rate at which we last updated the chart" or something like that.

Vikram Murarka
JUN 24, 2016 AT 5:23 PM

My apologies, but we do not have an immediate solution to this very valid issue. I can just request you to kindly bear with us for some time, to factor this in when you look at these charts. It will take us some time to work around this... involving a complete technology revamp... which will take time.

JUN 28, 2016 AT 10:22 AM

Goodmorning vikram. Thank you very much for your valuable reply. It's not easy to fix the technical issues immediately :) doesn't matter. Anyway thanks onceagain for considering your regular viewer's choice. Have a great day.

Venkateshwarlu Masuna
MAY 25, 2018 AT 9:38 AM

i request you for crude oil price data



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