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Hedging-poilcy: We tell you what works

What it is not supposed to be

A forex risk management policy cannot be:
  • A standard document on the segregation of duties between front-middle-back offices
  • A checklist on transaction exposures and economic exposures, to be signed and put away
  • Set of do’s and don’ts aimed only at meeting accounting and auditor requirements

What a hedging policy IS supposed to be

A robust Forex Risk Management policy is meant to

Forex Risk Management

It is meant to be a hedger’s friend, philosopher and guide, telling him
  • What to hedge – whether imports or exports
  • When to hedge – now or later
  • For which period to hedge – for the near term or long term
  • How to hedge – through forwards or options
  • How much to hedge – 8%? 20%? 30%? 50%? 70%? How much?
  • How to benchmark?
  • How to measure the performance?

Many companies struggle to arrive at optimal solutions for these issues, primarily due to two major obstacles:
  1. Not knowing how any one solution will work in the long term
  2. Whether to implement different policies for imports and exports

The KSHITIJ Hedging Method, backed by 17+ years of research, experiments, trials and errors, is a complete Forex Risk Management Policy tailored for Importers and Exporters. It addresses key concerns and provides a proven track record to accurately predict the policy performance in real life.

See this video on a Client’s experience with the KSHITIJ Hedging Method and our service.

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Kshitij Hedging Method : Full spectrum forex solution

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