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Crude Oil Forecast

Crude Oil Forecasts

Whether or not you have a forex exposure, if you want to know where Crude is going, turn to our Crude forecasts. They have caught the most important bottoms and tops since 2016.

Dollar Rupee Forecast

Dollar-Rupee Forecasts

Our Dollar-Rupee forecasts remain our strongest offering. They have been ranked #1 by Bloomberg and are used by some of the best Treasury teams and even by serious Investors.

US Treasuries Forecast

US Treasury Forecasts

To get the real pulse of the markets, it is necessary to understand both US Yields as well as the US Fed. Our new reports on US Treasuries have done pretty well over the last year and more.

EURUSD Forecasts

Euro-Dollar Forecasts

We now offer a new detailed monthly forecast on the Euro, because it not only has the largest weightage in the Dollar Index, but also because many of our Clients have a large exposure to the Euro

Dollar Yen Forecasts

Morning Briefing

While all the foregoing forecasts are monthly reports, our Morning Briefing service is a daily forecast on global Equities, Commodities, Currencies and Interest Rates.

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