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Kshitij Hedging Method (KHM) is the secret sauce of forex wellness

No exporter or importer likes forex risk. It is an unwanted thing that has been thrust upon them by the market. Everyone says that, “I don’t care about forex gains, but I do not want the losses.” Yet, almost no one knows how to manage the forex risk efficiently and consistently.

When you implement the KSHITIJ Hedging Method, you gain PEACE OF MIND.

You gain peace of mind because you know that the KHM gives you well-researched answers to all the What, When, How, How Much questions related to hedging.
  • Performance is measured objectively, even ruthlessly, for constant improvement.
  • The KHM is backed by the KSHITIJ Forecasts, which have had a 60% reliability over the last 17+ years.
  • The KHM has been tested in real-time across all kinds of market environments over the last 17+ years.
  • There is continuous R&D going on all the time to keep improving the forecasts and the hedges.
  • Our reputation is tied to our forecasts and to the KSHITIJ Hedging Method.
  • An online app backs the KHM.
  • The KHM is not something esoteric, but is built on common sense.
  • You need not worry about team turnover in your forex management team.

Kshitij Hedging Method Philosophy

Most importantly, the KSHITIJ Hedging Method is not just a System, or an App. It is a complete SERVICE, backed by the commitment of KSHITIJ Reliability. It is already being implemented by Exporters and Importers like you.

Fitness and a good Forex Policy give you peace of mind

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Brave forecasts. Braver accountability

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KHM measures both actual and opportunity Profit and Loss
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