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Specialized in longterm currency forecasts with expertise in USDINR backed with a strong performance history. Check out

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Hedging Advice

Personalised consulting, currency forecasts and advise for corporations, fund managers and individual investors.

The Kshitij Hedging Method is a unique strategy aimed at minimizing forex loss.

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Who is Using Kshitij?
Who is using Kshitij?

"Our company has substantial exposure to forex risk. KSHITIJ has a very structured operating procedure of hedging which they discuss with us in weekly FX Review meetings giving us a clear picture as to where we stand in our covers and exposures, which is very systematic. It gives us a lot of comfort in the forex aspect of the business. - P D Bagla, Jt. President, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd., New Delhi"

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Jan'24 Quarterly Dollar-Rupee Forecast

January'24 Quarterly Forecast
Our January'24 Quarterly Dollar-Rupee Forecast is now available. To order a PAID copy, please click here and take a trial of our service.

Feb'24 EURUSD Forecast

Feb '24 EURUSD Report
Several factors exhibiting good correlation with the Euro currently present a mixed indication of trajectory for the currency in the coming months which we have analysed in detail and arrived at our 12-month projection for Euro in the Feb-24 report. ... Click to View

Feb'24 US Treasury Forecast

Feb'24 US Treasury Report
In our last report (26-Dec-23, US 10Yr @ 3.88%) we were looking for US Yields to dip to 4.04% and 3.5% on the US2Yr and US10Yr respectively in the near term. Instead, the US2Yr remained more or less steady while the US10Yr rose a decent bit as ... Click to View

Feb'24 Crude Oil Forecast

Jan'24 Crude Oil Report
At Kshitij, we had been expecting Brent prices to move up sharply while above $70 over the last 3-months but the price showed low volatility and has been continuing to trade within $70-90 region over the last few months. With uncertainty and concerns looming in the Middle East, there could be chances of ... Click to View