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The KSHITIJ.COM Reliability Tree Log logo

Although Reliability is something that is felt and experienced, it is not tangible. To make our commitment to Reliability something our clients can relate to a little more, we conceptualized the KSHITIJ.COM Reliability Tree Log logo.
Reliability is a bit like a teakwood tree, from which you can make an office table that lasts generations. The wood and the furniture is reliable. It is little old world and natural too, as compared so say MDF furniture that is cheaper, but does not last very long.

The Reliability of the wood is also depicted by the swirls/ circles that are seen in a log, as they are a measure of the age of the tree, during which it has seen many rains, harsh winters, scorching summers and even many storms and has stood firm through them all.

Similarly, over two decades and more, KSHITIJ.COM has seen different market conditions, bouts of acute volatility, long periods of frustrating calm, all of which have helped us to gain invaluable experience that eventually increases the Reliability of our forecasts and of our hedging advice.

All of this is depicted by the Tree Log logo.
Some people may also see the logo as a thumb impression. That too denotes reliability and authenticity as we are always willing to put our signature on what we do and ready to be accountable and answerable for it.
In short, the Tree Log logo depicts the Reliability that clients are looking for, which KSHITIJ.COM delivers.

Delivering Reliability

What is that we provide to our clients? The immediately obvious answer, of course, is that we provide currency forecasts and hedging strategies. Going deeper, what do our clients really want and what is it that KSHITIJ.COM provides them?
Through our currency forecasts and hedging strategies, we really provide Reliability to our clients. This is most manifest in the 17+ year track record of our Dollar-Rupee forecasts, the first and still the only one of its kind in India, which has a Reliability of 75%. It is also seen in our explicit hedging advice and reporting of profit and loss generated thereby. It is also experienced in what we promise.

Why Reliability?

Many people profess to deliver excellence, even perfection. Why do we stop at Reliability? Perhaps the answer lies in the question. We would like our clients to rely on us. That would happen when they are assured that they do not need to second-guess what we say, nor do they need to add a few pinches of salt to our words. They can take us at face value. That, to our mind, is of utmost importance in a client relationship.
Perfection, especially in the field of currency forecasting, is a mirage. Excellence sounds good, but is a nebulous concept when it comes of currency forecasting and that too might not be achievable on a sustainable basis over a long period of time.
Reliability, on the other hand, is earthy and measurable. It is something that can be achieved and hopefully maintained over a long period of time. This is reflected in our 17+ year track record of our Dollar-Rupee forecasts, with 75% Reliability.
The feeling our clients have is that they have someone reliable advising them, looking after their currency risk, with the same levels of commitment as they themselves would have. Someone who does not promise to be the best, or excellent, or anything else, but someone who can be relied on to protect them from risk most of the time. Not always, mind you, but often enough to come out positive in the long run.

Clients want Reliability

Most of our clients are those who have "been there, done that". It is almost always certain that they have tried the services of other forex advisors before coming to us. They do not expect us to be perfect. However, they do expect us to do our job to the best of our ability. They expect us to tell them about the market as we see it, fearlessly, without hemming and hawing. But, they do expect us to be honest and admit to mistakes when they happen (about 30% of the times). In short, we believe they come looking for the Reliability that we deliver.
We have been ranked consistently by Bloomberg in the last five quarters for our Dollar-Rupee forecast. You may read more about that here.

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Bloomberg Ranking
Ranked #5 worldwide by Bloomberg for EURUSD Forecast
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