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Kshitij Hedging Method (KHM): Full spectrum forex solution

The KSHITIJ Hedging Method, backed by 17+ years of research and proven track record is a complete Forex Risk Management Policy tailored for Importers and Exporters that answers all hedging related questions.

KSHITIJ Hedging Method

All your hedging questions answered:

  • A down to earth Policy for FX Risk Management
  • A complete Methodology to deal with the practical issues of Forex Risk Management
  • The result of 15 years of experience and R&D. It has a proven track record over the last 4 years in real market conditions.
The KSHITIJ Hedging Method is the answer to all your Forex Hedging questions.


  • You can cut your lead-time and get down to putting your FX Risk Management into shape right away instead of searching for a policy and Method that works.
  • Works for both Exporters and Importers
  • You profit when the market is in your favour and get protection when it is against you
  • Works in all market conditions
  • Is AS - 30 compliant


On an average, Exporters can realize 1% more than the market. Simultaneously Importers can pay 1% less than the market rates. Those who have both Exports and Imports can earn an Export-Import Margin of upto 2%.

See the 17+ years track record of the KSHITIJ Hedging Method,

KSHITIJ Hedging Method

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Principles of Forex Hedging

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