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Grasim Industries Ltd., Mumbai
Nice report Vikram, quite a few things to discuss during our upcoming zoom call. A thought - maybe you can also cover money market rates & its relationship with medium-long term yields from next month onwards.

DCM Shriram Industries Ltd., New Delhi
Our company has substantial exposure to forex risk. KSHITIJ has a very structured operating procedure of hedging which they discuss with us in weekly FX Review meetings giving us a clear picture as to where we stand in our covers and exposures, which is very systematic. It gives us a lot of comfort in the forex aspect of the business.

Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd., Mumbai
The combination of long, medium and short-term forecasts gives a complete perspective on Dollar-Rupee movements.

Marico Limited, Mumbai
We are privileged to be associated with KSHITIJ as our forex advisor. Their valuable advice has helped Marico to redefine its forex management policies and practices. We look forward to a long and rewarding association with them.

Lupin Limited, Mumbai
Forex reports by KSHITIJ.COM are based on dedicated and in depth analysis of various economic and financial parameters. Hence the judgement, quality, probability and reliability of these forex risk management views are quite high.

C.P. Exports, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu
Have been your client for the past 3.5 years. I can surely say that I have got more control over my forex receivables and forex payables than before. It is my fortune to have discussions with you

Kothari Products Limited, Kanpur
The KSHITIJ forecasts are good. They had warned of the coming weakness in the Rupee.

Bahrain India International Exchange Co., Bahrain
We have been using the services of Kshitij Consultancy for the last 5 years. Their currency market predictions and analysis are mostly accurate and very useful for decision making.

Zenith Birla (India) Limited, Mumbai
We are happy with the KSHITIJ Forecasts. They have helped us in managing our Forex risk better, especially in this volatile economic environment.

KN Group, Mumbai
KSHITIJ.COM has the guts to put their views very clearly unlike others who add ifs and buts everywhere and confuse the client instead of providing a direction.

MNC Bullion, Chennai
This morning we have quit all longs in Dollar Rupee May futures after reading your y'day evening comments of a possible resistance near 47. I know market has gone a bit higher after I sold. It's always difficult to catch exact top or bottom.

Thanks for your insistence of support near 44 which encouraged us to go long...The credit for same is yours.

07/04/2008 Jon Larson, USA

Thanks for all your emails!! Great stuff!!

28/03/2008 Roshan Dalal, VP Forex & Treasury, Mumbai

excellent prediction on rupee ! thanks

16/05/2007 Justo Alejandro Lopez Victorio

Great Idea, Congratulations, extremly useful for me. Like trader its important have in mind certain data, and this help to do this.

Thank You and I be wating the next month wall paper!!!!

16/05/2007 Giorgio Ferraro, Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you for the appreciated Forex Calendar. I really appreciate your web-site too, different and clever. Just keep contributing to the FX community!

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18/07/2006 C.Jagadheesh Kumar, CFO, Tirupur

This issue of Colour of Money is really interesting and thought provoking. It gave some new insights into the currency market/trading.
Thanks for the efforts.


15/02/2006 Gabriele Gerbasi, USA

I would like to say thank you very much for this great opportunity to use 30 day trial and I am very pleased with your time to explain what the market's going on.I have been on forex for a quite while and doing okay on my own. Four months ago, thought would try to find a signal provider.... So I decided to explore through google search to find a better strategist somewhere and I found your website, I said to myself "oh my, this might be the one what I'm looking for" I signed the register right away and was looking forward to receive your emails. I truly enjoy your strategy explanation, which is very helpful and know what to expect between resistances and supports, etc. I was amazed how good results you give so far. I'm considering to continue this subscription :)

Keep up the good work!


31/01/2006 P.V. Ragunathan, ERM, Chennai

As usual, your analysis is well researched, well-presented and carries a unique perspective. I also want to compliment you on the desk-calender - brilliant and a testimony for your passion for excellence. I am sure this is the best calender ever made anywhere in the world. Unfortunately we can use it only for 12 months. Congrats.


18/01/2006 Mark Cranage, Australia

Q: Was FXThoughts regular and timely?
A: Your reports were regular, every trading day and smack on time, I new when the report was due in Australia and sure there it was.

Q: Was it lucid and easy to follow?
A: The reports were easy to understand and had the right amount of information.

Q: How would you rate the quality of analysis on a scale of 0-10?
A: You could not fault the analysis of what you sent, if it was wrong it was because of a data report that caught the market by surprise but then you had always used stops. 8 out of 10.

Q: How would you rate the quality of trades on a scale of 0-10?
A: The quality of trades 9 out of 10, there was always plenty to trade from.

Q: What are the things we are doing wrong and how can we improve?
A: I don't think you are doing anything wrong because the forex market is not an exact science, and the recommendations are what they are. Just keep up the good work Vikram.


16/11/2005 Marion Holton,USA

Just one thought--THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE! I truly love and appreciate your daily analyses and advice!


04/08/2005 Carl Strohlin,USA

I am new to your service but I have really enjoyed your recommendations so far and am having great success.


10/07/2005 Weldon Underhill,Canada

Thank you. I am quite new to Forex trading and have been scrambling to learn things about it. I have checked out a number of signal sites and I certainly find yours to be the most informative and accurate.


28/06/2005 Jean Yankovich,USA

Thanks for the free trial these past few weeks. You"re really great on your calls!!! Best forecast I've ever used.


04/01/2004 Filip Pongratz,UK

I compared your advice with some others today and you are doing good.


10/08/2001 Teri Russell, Florida, USA

I found FX Thoughts very useful. I was very satisfied with it. I kept track, and the percentage of "hits" was very high.


25/04/2001Hansraj Salian, Technical Analyst, Mumbai

I've been following your USD/Yen recommendations, and found out that your analysis is good. To put it in a few words - CONSERVATIVE AGGRESSION.


05/03/2001Francois van Staden, South Africa

One of the best forecast services I have found since starting to do FX Trading. Very good intra-day as well as long term trade signals. Very reasonably priced.


02/03/2001Madhur Gundecha, Bharat Petroleum

I have really benifitted from your analysis. The quality of writing from the point of view of clarity was very good. In fact this is the highlight of the analysis. Regarding price i would say it is just right.


27/01/2001 Mukul Karnik, Thermax Ltd, Pune

The idea of going Short on the Euro was generated by you. And the view was perfect. Thanks once again.


25/01/2001 Anuj Mittal, Euroflax Industries, Mumbai

We are very impressed with your work.


24/01/2001 R Shivkumar, Forex Broker, Chennai

Your Rupee reports are apt and a person who is into exports/imports will surely get a facination to consult your report before he even approaches his bankers.


21/01/2001Tauseen Ahmed, Pakistan

Working on major currencies is a full time job and one needs 100% concentration and dedication. I am impressed by your work. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


16/12/2000Rachel Weitz, Israel

I  highly recommend your name and address to all my friends who are inerested.
(Ms Weitz susbcribes to "FX Thoughts of the Day" and "The Colour of Money")


29/9/2000Stephen Kwan, Hongkong

Your "FX Thoughts for the Day" is a precious guideline to my trade.


14/9/2000Nikolic Milena, Cyprus

The mark for your job is 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 - the biggest I gave anyone until now. I am using four different types of prognosis and recently I decided to trade by your suggestions. I have told my friends and my broker about your talent to give very precise prognosis. Keep up the good work.


10/8/2000Vance Hardin, Texas, USA

I am very intrested in becoming a skilled FOREX trader. Your service is the best I could find.


10/8/2000Moe Mowafi, Cairo, Egypt

Sallaam Alekum. I would like to tell you that I am really enjoying your market reports.


1/8/2000Nikolic Milena, Cyprus

Your talent is great. I would like to subscribe to "The Colour of Money" for 1 year.


10/5/2000Pasapon Punturaumporn, Thailand

Your Euro and CHF target are hit tonight.Good work! I love your "FX Thoughts for the Day" report. Please renew my subcription for one more year.


8/5/2000Sunil Arlikatti

I would like to congratulate you on maintaining such acomprehensive site on foreign/external information.


24/11/1999Neeraj Tandon, New Delhi

I must compliment you for designing a very relavent site for anybody interested in forex news .


11/10/1999Bhasker Iyer, ABN Amro Bank, Chennai

I eagerly wait to read your views these days. Your writing is definitely of very high quality.


11/10/1999Alex Kim, Proprietory Forex trader, Baltimore, USA

"The Colour of Money" is high quality, timely market analysis essential for traders in the FX market.


8/4/1999Jayakumar Ganapathy, ABN Amro Bank, Mumbai

With reference to your piece Rupee-Don't look for 45, I must say that I can't agree with you more. The theory of weak local currency supporting exports is valid only in G7countries where the other hurdles like efficiency in production, freemarkets, infrastructure have already been fixed. Japan is an exception to this.


15/1/1999Vijay Tikotekar, Financial Consultant, Pune

I went ahead and took the liberty of downloading the valuable data that you so generously offered on your site. I am building my own database andyour data helped me extend it backwards. Thanks a lot for this help.


05/1/1999Ganesh.A, post graduate student in finance from Madurai Kamaraj University

I am currently undertaking a project for the partial fulfillement of my course requirement. My title is "Risk Management of Corporate Exposure in Forex". As a first step, I came down to net to have some details. My query in the search engine led me to your site with no hinges. Your site is just great. A good begining.

Overall your site is just the ideal one for FX guys in India.

Good luck for all your future endeavours.


09/8/1998Niraj Athavle, Asst. Vice President, Corporate Forex, Bank of America

Just wanted to see the site for myself - good stuff but then I was always expecting that from you!!


07/8/1998Priya Shanmugham, India Securities Ltd

Just read your article on RIBs and I must say it was a good article.Very clear to the point and included all relevant data. Good show. We have even downloaded guidelines etc from your side.


06/8/1998Deepak Agarwal, Full Time MBA Student, Cranfield School of Mangement, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England

I accidently had bumped into your site some 18 months back in India and was eager to find who was doing such heroic job in "Calcutta".Now again I bumped into you site and to my amazement saw a much improved site. I have used your site for my couple of projects, hope I did not cross any copyright laws.


Your report of 26th October, 1997, was one of the first to suggest a devaluation (in the Rupee) - I saw it after the event. It was quite good.


19/05/1997Mr Tapen Sinha, Titular Professor of Insurance, ITAM, Mexico

Keep up the good work. Your guide is excellent!


14/05/1997Mr Narendar Singhani, USA

I have enjoyed reading your comments on the Indian Rupee. You write very well!


11/03/1997Shri V K Goenka, Jayshree Textiles, Indian Rayon & Industries, Calcutta

Shri Vikram Murarka is very active and experienced person in this line. His opinion is quite helpful.


06/01/1997Mr Amitava Ranjan Sen, Tata Tea Ltd, Calcutta

Thanks for your newsletter. I quite like it and read your views with interest.


05/12/1996Mr K Joseph Antony, Managing Director, MakroIndia, Chennai

Its more than a decade since I wore the mantle of a practising economist - but I can still recognise sincerity and quality when I see it. And that is very much evident in your site. No hype.

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