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Welcome! In forex trading and risk management success depends on painstaking research, superior forecasts and the discipline to stay in the market for the long haul. This is what we strive for, here at There is something for everyone here, from forex traders to corporate risk managers to academic researchers. Enjoy your visit, and come again!

Bloomberg Ranking Bloomberg RankingNew
Bloomberg has ranked us #1 worldwide for our Dec-15 Dollar-Rupee forecast. Click Here to take trial of our Dollar Rupee Forecast.

Dollar-Rupee Longterm Forecast

Our Jan'16 Dollar-Rupee Longterm forecast is now available. To order a PAID copy, please mail us.

Please click in order to read our previous longterm forecasts

Economic Calendar Wallpaper Economic Calendar WallpaperNew
Do you want to track the economic releases beforehand? Set the February 2016 Economic Calendar as your desktop wallpaper and keep yourself updated monthly.

India GDP Forecast
Global GDP Consensus Forecast New
Expectations of GDP growth have been coming down through the year for most major economies other than India. Click Here to view the report.

Why do forecast currencies

Why do we forecast currencies? New
A friend sent an interesting inspirational YouTube video link the other day. The speaker in the video encouraged his audience to look inside themselves to see why they do what they do in their work field. What motivates them? That got me thinking, why does KSHITIJ.COM forecast currencies?
Services Available

Daily Forex Forecasts
Rupee Update Some of the best Dollar-Rupee forecasts in the market, backed by a solid performance history, going back to 2002. No one else publishes a track record - only we do. Why? Simple - we have a track record worth publishing. We provide both short-term and long-term forecasts. Check out our track record, read our testimonials and then, sign up for a 15-day Free Trial...

Fundamental Analysis, Historical Charts of some of the most important economic data’s being released around the world.

Forex Research
Innovative research into the foreign exchange market, leading to greater profitability. Relevant to all participants in the forex market...

Forex Advisory Services
Personalised consulting, currency forecasts and advise for corporations, fund managers and individual investors.

Free Services
Free Data on currency rates going back to 1996
Graph Gallery with some very insightful currency, stock and bond market charts.
Economic Calendar Track the upcoming Economic events with expected, previous and actual results.

Register for 15-days Free Trial of Daily Dollar Rupee Forecasts.
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Morning Briefing

Case Study
Case Studies in Managing Corporate Forex Risk

Real life Case Studies in managing corporate Forex Risk. What to do and and what not to do. Applicable to individual Forex Traders also. Click here


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