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We are one of the most well recognised Foreign Exchange websites in the world. We provide forecasts, analysis, research and trade recommendations on the Major currencies and the Indian Rupee. You will also find a lot of free data, charts, articles, tools and other resources on our website.

Our Visitors and Clients include forex professionals at large corporates, banks, financial institutions and individual traders from all over the world. Over the years we have established a reputation for quality and straight dealing. You are assured of quality, transparency and trust when you deal with us.


  • Commenced operations in late 1995.

  • Provided Forex Risk Management services to Indian Corporates.

  • Published "The Colour of Money" our popular weekly forecast on currencies.

  • Set up KSHITIJ.COM, India's first forex website in 1997 to reach a wider market.

  • In 1998 we started publishing "FX Thoughts for the Day" our flagship service and "Rupee Update", one of the best forecasts on the Indian Rupee.

  • Since then we have concentrated on building our online business, addressing the global market, without compromising on the quality of our Indian Rupee Service.

  • Today we are ranked No.1 Forex advisory websites worldwide by Bloomberg and are winning more and more clients for our Rupee forecasts as well, many a times from our competitors.
Core Beliefs

  1. The Client should benefit. Our "Fx Thoughts for the Day" service has been a pioneer, in that, we were the first to :

    • Put up our entire analysis on display, so that prospective clients could judge our quality immediately.

    • Display our subscription charges upfront, instead of asking clients to register first.

    • To provide a 30-day Free Trial.

    • Provide Entry/Exit levels instead of mere forecasts.

    • Provide complete performance results of our recommended trades (not forecasts)

      All this at substantially lower prices than many of our competitors. Standards set by us have been emulated over the years and ultimately it is the Client who has benefitted.

  2. We are in business for the long haul.

  3. We have to deliver better and better value over time by benchmarking ourselves against the best.
Clients and Presence

As our business has undergone three phases of growth, our client profile has changed accordingly. In the beginning we were a completely offline business and provided one-to-one FX Risk Management Services to Corporates.

Then we became a completely online business providing subscription based forecasting services (FX Thoughts and Rupee Update) to clients across the globe as well as in India, as well as advertising services to online FX Brokers.

Today our business is happy mix of both online & offline Clients and we are privileged to service both. Click here to view all our clients.

Our Logo

Our new logo showing the three arrows moving together towards a point on the distant horizon are a metaphor for our name, our efforts and goals. At Kshitij Consultancy Services our motto is to move "Towards the Horizon and beyond....." in all that we do. It commits us to a never ending quest for excellence.

Each arrow also signifies one of our three main areas of activity - Foreign Exchange, Information and Investments. The movement towards the horizon is broadbased and takes place from all directions - left, right and centre.

Our Inspiration

K-sh-i-tij is the Sanskrit for Horizon. The inspiration for the name of our firm comes from the poem "Ulysses" by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
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Dollar-Rupee Long term Forecast
Our Apr'17 Longterm forecast is now available. To order a PAID copy, please mail us.
In order to read our previous forecasts please Click Here.

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