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Overview of our Dollar-Rupee Forecasts

We provide Daily, Monthly and Quarterly long-term forecasts. Use the three in conjunction and maximize your profits!

The markets are very volatile and you need to have the BIG picture. Our long-term forecasts help you to

  • Have a better view of the market, even 6 months in advance.
  • Take more profitable hedging or trading decisions

Our “Top Down” approach and “Bottom Up” approach taken together give you a clear perspective on both macro level and micro changes in the market. These are explained below :

Top Down Approach:

Takes a deep look at the fundamental and technical factors affecting the market. Provides an outlook for the next 3-6 months. Jul-09, when the market was at 48.54, we set a long-term target of 45-44.

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Set Long-term strategy.
  • Exporters used the forecast to sell Dollar long-term
  • Importers used the forecast to keep exposures open
Monthly Dynamic Benchmarks
Updates or changes the big picture, as needed, taking the fundamental and technical factors into account. And provides Benchmarks for 1-12 months

Highs, Lows and Benchmarks for coming 1-12 months.

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Hedges in line with long-term forecasts and Benchmarks

  • Sell near High, Buy near Low
  • Balance/ modulate overall strategy
Twice-Daily Forecasts
Largely based on technicals and market sentiment. Looks at the next 3-10 trading days. Click for Free Trial
* Available only to those not already on a trial/subscription.
  • Fine tuning the Entry levels for your Hedges, in line with the longer term forecasts
  • Short-term Trading

Bottom Up Approach:

Only a Top Down approach will not work! Any immediate changes in market outlook and trends would first be hinted at in the Daily forecasts, and then get reflected in the Monthly Benchmarks and only finally find expression in the Quarterly forecasts.

A person subscribing only to the Long-term Forecasts would miss the warning signals of changes in trend due to sudden market developments if he does not have access to daily updates.

The three forecast frequencies have been devised after much thought and work very well together. That is why more and more of our Clientele are opting for our complete forecasting package. To see what they have to say about our forecasts, please take a look at our Testimonials.

If you would like to know more about how to use the service, please let us know .We would be glad to help.

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