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Morning Briefing
Our Team
Vikram Murarka
Experience and Professional Achievements
  • Has been in the currency market since 1991, first as a Trader/ Risk Manager at an Indian conglomerate (Essar Group, Mumbai) and then as a Currency Risk Adviser (proprietor and founder of Kshitij Consultancy Services) since 1996. More......
Original inventions and contributions in the field of Technical Analysis
  • Created the 3-day chart, which provides a hitherto unavailable insight into the market, being an intermediate time frame between the 1-day (Daily) and 5-day (Weekly) charts.

    For an example, please click on the following link and look at the 3-day Candles
  • Invented a method of collating Supports and Resistances across 4 different time frames (namely 4-hour, daily, 3-day and weekly) in a single place. Clustering of such supports and resistances across time frames lends greater strength to them, rather than if they exist in only time frame.

    For an example and explanation, please click here
Articles Published
Publication Article, Title and Date
Web Link
Pulses Handbook, 2016 Special Report on Commodity Currencies
30 Apr 2016
Business Line, The Hindu How much are you really paying?
04 Nov 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Forecasts: Love them? Hate them? Use them
21 Oct 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Use ‘Sumproduct’ for weighted average
23 Sep 2012
Business Line, The Hindu ‘Excel’ in preparing forex exposure reports
09 Sep 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Drawbacks of common hedging methods
22 Aug 2012
Business Line, The Hindu First step to success in hedging: Sanction a hedging cost budget
22 July 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Cash in on cash-spot
24 June 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Use a forecast for budgeting
27 May 2012
Business Line, The Hindu The Forward is not a Forecast
13 May 2012
Business Line, The Hindu How about early delivery?
22 April 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Never 0, never 100, and not at one go!
08 April 2012
Business Line, The Hindu Your exposure is your position
25 March 2012
The Euromoney Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management Handbook, 2010
Forex hedging: the "new normal"?
March 2010
Monthly Newsletter of Clearing Corporation of India Ltd
Developments in the Indian Rupee Market
February 2009
GT News FX is a Commodity not an Asset
28 July 2009

UK Challenging Basic FX Risk Management Concepts
9 September 2008
Business Line, The Hindu The Long and Short of Rupee Futures
20 July 2008
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities
Seattle, USA
Pay more, Profit more
June 2008

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

Classic setup for the Euro/ Dollar
September 2005

Technical Analysis Stocks & Commodities

Fundamentals & Technicals Together Again
April 2005


Seminars / Training Conducted
Organised By Seminar Title, Venue, Date Topic covered
Web Link

Dharmaraj J

Trader's Carnival 2016
Bangkok, Thailand, 17th-20th May, 2016

War Stories from the Forex Trenches  

India Pulses and Grains Association

The Pulses Conclave 2016
Jaipur, 14th Feb, 2016

Where will the Rupee Go?

Confederation of Indian Industry

5th Banking Colloquium 2012
Kolkata, 14th Sep, 2012

Practical tips for Forex Risk Management  

Futures & Options World

18th Derivatives World Asia conference
Singapore, 27th & 28th Sep, 2011

Participant - Panel discussion on FX Trading
Moderator - Panel discussion on Indian Markets

CBI China

Forex China 2011
Beijing, 21st and 22nd Sep, 2011

Experience of India with Floating Exchange Rate  

Futures & Options World

17th Derivatives World Asia conference
Singapore, 29th & 30th Sep, 2010

FX trading in a modern market place  

Bombay Chamber of Commerce

Workshop on Currency Options
Mumbai, 15-Nov-10

Currency Options  

National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Workshop on Currency Options
Kolkata, 20-Aug-10
Mumbai, 06-Aug-10

Currency Options  

Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.

Understanding Forex Markets
Mumbai, 18-Apr-09

Foreign Exchange Market Dynamics.
Technical Analysis and Managing Forex Risk


The Euromoney

The Euromoney South East Asia Forex Forum 2009
Singapore, 27-Feb-09

Moderator for panel discussion on “Making Money in FX as an Asset Class”

FXWeek Asia

Fourth Annual Congress for Foreign Exchange Professionals
Singapore, 21-Oct-08

Presentation on “Hedging against FX exposure and turbulences” – KSHITIJ Hedging Method


Corporate Treasury Forum Seminar

Managing Risks in a Growing Economy
Mumbai, 28-Sep-07

KSHITIJ Hedging Method  

Soya Producers Association (SOPA) and IMA ( Indore Management Association)

The Forex Seminar
Indore, 29-Nov-03

The Rupee Market, Major Currencies and Risk Management


Indo American School of Business




Vinod Gupta School of Management

IIT Kharagpur



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