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Global Growth Expectations New
- 18 November 15
Expectations of GDP growth have been coming down through the year for most major economies other than India. This report tracks the changes in the consensus growth forecasts for India, China, USA, Europe, UK, Japan, Australia and Canada and gives a picture of current sentiment about global growth in 2015 and 2016......
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Indian IIP Growth - Is it good enough? New - 14 January 15
Indian IIP data for Nov-14 (+3.8% y/y) was released on 12-Jan-15. It has moved up smartly from the -4.2%. growth for Oct-14. But is that unequivocal good news? This report looks at the Indian IIP growth from a couple of other perspectives. Please click here to view the report.

Contrarion View: India Inflation not vanquished yet - 10 November 14
Although there is a lot of optimism about Inflation generated by the fall in the CPI over the last few months and by the sharp decline in the Brent Crude prices, we think there is need for caution as both Brent and CPI could bounce back sharply in the coming months.....
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SILVER TO TEST 13, REBOUND TO 19 - 03 November 14
Precious metals complex, including Silver, has been in strong downtrend since 2011, falling 68% from the top near 51. The decline may come to an end near $13 and then bounce towards $19 in the coming 6 months...
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Sterling Pound targets 1.7300-50 - 18 April 14
There is something very rare and special happening on the Sterling Pound charts. There are three projections for the Sterling Pound drawn from two different perspectives and in three different timeframes, which are all converging at the same level of 1.7300-50. Indeed a rare occurrence. ....
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Medium Term Forecasts on Euro and Yen - 11 April 14
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An Analysis of Nifty from a Historical Perspective - 19 March 14
The current stock market scenario is one of the most fragmented in the last 30 years. Just think of it, even though the Nifty is scaling a life-time high above 6500, the sectoral indices are not following suit. So, is this a new bull market? Or not?....
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Was paying Forward Premium profitable for Importers? - 15 Feb 14
Forward Premia increased sharply in June-July 2013 and retain an overall uptrend currently. Would it have been advisable for Importers to pay these high and rising Forward Premia in order to hedge themselves? Would it have been profitable?"...
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Global Petrol prices - 17 Nov 14
A comparison of international retail petrol prices with India

Colour of Money - 27 August, 2013
Short term or Long term Investments...

Rupee Report

14 May 2008 - In our Special report dated 08-Apr-08, when the Spot was 40.0150, we had set targets of 40.85 and 41.20. Those levels have long been achieved and seem quite distant now. Question is, where do we go from here? ...
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11 Mar 2008 - The recent rise of Dollar-Rupee has left many people baffled. The common question we have been hearing is, "How can the Dollar rise against the Rupee even while it continues to fall against every other currency?" ...
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Asian Currencies
- 12th Jan, 2007
A look at the charts of three Asian currencies, viz. the Korean Won, Taiwan Dollar and the Indonesian Rupiah.

While you were trading - 08 Apr, 2006
This is a new column, which will take a freewheeling look at what's happening in a wide range of markets round the world. This column will not dwell on what to do, but will simply observe and point out implications, if any.

What does Greenspan watch? - 09 Feb, 2005
Which variables does Alan Greenspan Chairman of the US Fedral Reserve
consider while deciding policy?How have
they been moving?

Investment Flows - 05 Apr, 2003
A study of Global Investment Flows into and out of the USA on 5th April, 2003

Using MA in Uptrend - 10 Feb, 2003
Stastical study on using a perticular Moving Average during an uptrand in EURUSD.

Amplitude Probability Distribution - 26th Apr, 2002
A study on Amplitude Probability Distribution for various Currencies over various time frames. Essential for formulating forex trading, risk management, money management strategies.

LongTerm FX Forecast

We can provide accurate and reliable long term forecasts for any currency. These forecasts are very useful for long term Investors and Corporate Treasurers. An annual forecast with middle-of-the-year update costs only USD 1,200/-

  • USDCHF - Jan 2002 - with market at 1.66, we called for 1.55 even 1.45
    Click to download

  • USDJPY - Jan 2002 - with market at 134.50, we called for 122 by June - July
    Click to download

  • USDCHF - Nov 2000 - with market at 1.77, we warned of fall 1.62
    Click to read

  • Please e-mail us at to place your order.

    How much do currencies move? - 20th Dec, 2001
    A look at the magnitude of trends in the Major currencies. Helpful in planning Trading and for Hedging Strategies.

    The Dow and the Dollar - Nasdaq also matters - 6th Feb, 2001
    The Nasdaq has impacted Dollar-Euro more in 2000 than the Dow Jones
    Examining Nikkei-Dow and $-Yen - 29 Aug 99
    A look at whether relative movements in the Nikkei and the Dow Jones industrial average
    have any implication for $-Yen

    Don't see 1.60 on USD-CHF in May - 29 Apr 99
    Swiss Franc is due to strengthen against US Dollars

    A look at Australian Dollar - 1 Jun 99
    Could get stronger if Inflation and Gold pickup

    The Euro Cometh - 13 May 98
    Its a Reality - 2nd May 1998 was a historic day when the mutual exchange rates of the first wave of "In" countries were locked into each other. An analysis
    Financial Market Changes - what changes is the Euro going to bring about in the Financial Markets.

    Resurgent India Bonds - 5 Aug 98
    Interest Rates - Features - Does it make sense for NRIs to invest in these RIBs - Does it make sense for SBI to float these RIBs - Win-Win situation - Effects on the Indian Economy - Links.

    External Sector Comparisons - 5 Nov 97
    A comparison of India's External Sector indicators with those of South East Asian and East European countries at the height of the Asian crisis.

    FX Loan in JPY - 19 Feb 98
    A look at the benefits of taking a loan in Japanese Yen instead of in US Dollars or Indian Rupees

    Long Term Loan in Majors - 3 Sep 97
    An analysis of possible long term exchange rate movements and therefore which currency one should borrow in over Q4'97 and Q1'98.

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